Monday, May 2, 2011

What little difference a day makes

Wow... So yeah... let's see, where I'm at here...
So 24hrs ago as I reflect on the last ten years and how I landed in this situation, it brought me into my seasonal breakdown over the events of 9/11.
You have to understand, ten years later and I can still barely go a day without seeing some gratuitous images of the world trade center, or video footage, tattoo's, and endless roads of "never forget" bumper stickers. The latter being the most ironic of all, because I would fucking kill to forget, I've been trying every fucking day to forget.
But hey.... that was yesterday, and I try to move on.....

So yeah... 24hrs hours later, as if on cue from Gods handbook of how to fuck with me, Bin Laden is dead and there's parties going on at "ground zero"(god I hate that freakin tourist trap term), and the images are back ten fold. Facebook flooded with trade center pics from people from Kansas once again telling me to never forget. .. Ok, you fucking win, it's obvious I will NEVER forget, because you won't let me.
Maybe I should give in and buy a memorial coin set??
Speaking of never forgetting... Hey Joe American from someplace else who watched it on TV, bet the news didn't tell you 10 yrs ago that for like a week all you could smell downtown was burning flesh. I remember going home everyday and brushing my teeth like an obbsessed madman for the better part of an hour while in tears, just trying to get the taste of burning bodies out of my mouth. Didn't work by the way, there was no getting rid of it.
Never forget??.... Go fuck yourself! Each and every one of you symbol minded assholes with an american flag hat that holds beer cans, or your stars and stripes G strings

America seems happy, so I wont even bring up the reality that with a rogue organizations leader down, now their "best of the worst" will now start flexing their muscles to earn the top spot. But hey, we're a media driven society, and the villain is dead, so that means the movie is over and we can all go grab a snack.

Who says you can't go back??  It's like we're right back in the winter of 2001/2002.
Oh happy fucking day
So yeah, glad I was able to move on from my breakdown last night and try and put it behind me. Uggg

So on better topics, I've been speaking with people, both homeless and on the "proffesional" end of the homeless topic, and they all ensure me that living on the street would be the smarter and safer bet than going to a shelter. So there's that to look forward to.

Seriously, fuck this. I'm done

Everyone enjoy your "victory"

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