Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shelter rules from D Block

So it's apparent I need to explain how a "dry" shelter works before you people get me killed lol
Please understand when an organization offers to send me a shipment of shoes because I just had some sent for one old man..... I am both flatteterd and grateful for your kindness, but if I start visibly playing santa clause here you're putting a target on me.
Just like people asking me to take pictures to go with the story..... Seriously, I don't know how it is when you all go to events, soup kitchens, church shelters, or just on the street, but here it's different.
This is a clean, organized, and great place to be as far as shelters go, because people are clean and SOBER. In fact we all take urine tests upon entry and subject to random testing.
Now with this means theres mostly people out of rehab trying to put thier life together, and people coming out of jail trying to put their life together. But one thing they are not.... Is looking for any kind of attention lol

Everyone is great, and fun, because frankly I blend well with these types, but the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself, piss off the wrong people, or even get caught helping the wrong person.
We keep it casual and light hearted and nobody gets hurt! Lol
Things are good till they're not good, then a jailhouse mentality kicks in, sides are taken, and word is on the street.
I will not be rocking the boat.

Even the shoes for "pops", I have Mitzvah Circle sending the shoes to the case worker here, NOT ME. He knows the deal, and knows what to do with them, but thats it.
If I help someone it's between me and them and thats it.
These people don't know about my blog, or anything else I do, and that is exactly how it will stay.

So please, no offers of large shipments, no busses of happy people in matching T shirts with cupcakes, no smiles and hugs lol

I'm simply helping where I know I can without anyone else here having to know anyone elses business.
I'm already nervous that Fran sent 3 pairs of shoes instead of the one pair lol
I just told the old man that my ex's brother had left some shoes that should fit him and I was having them sent over. Every part of that is a lie lol
But he dont feel like charity, I dont look like a do-gooder, and things stay simple and private. The only thing that matters is that he's getting shoes, and the other guy is getting gov't assistance. No need for fanfare.

So please, this is not a movement! Just one schmuck trying to make good on my past sins ....... QUIETLY :)

Now that being said, we got the other guy applied for stuff and got his train pass, but could still use donations for one other guy to get a subway pass for Saturday....... That would be me! He's now mobile but come Saturday i'll be stuck with no transportation, so a little help would be appreciated :)
And obviously i'll keep doing what I can for people, just need to do it on the down low.
So dont be afraid to click that donate button, it helps others and myself.

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