Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Only enough raised for 5 ppl so far, 4th July Homeless BBQ

Tried getting us a discount, but no go. Still only have enough to get myself and 4 others there so far.

Ok, so I want to try this again! Last time we got enough to have the BBQ at the local park, but this time for 4th of July I really want to take some of the guys to the BBQ area on the Boston Harbor Islands! Problem here is with bus, train, & Ferry, we're looking at about $23 a head just in transportation.
We can cover food with our food stamps, but the travel, and other items such as plates, utensils, coal, and so on are items that need to be purchased with actual cash.
Last time for the memorial day BBQ, I had too many guys to be able to take them to the Island, so we did it locally. This time, and I hate to do it this way, but I've very set on going to the Harbor Islands, so I'm going to go by how many I can afford to take. Starting with myself, then Pops, and then moving down the line. I REALLY do not want to turn anyone away, and it would be anywhere from 5 to 10 guys. However if I can only bring 2 or 3, then that's how it has to be, I can't switch to local park this time.
One of the main reasons for being set on the Island for the 4th is because the USS Constitution, which is still "active", comes out for a run around the harbor, firing canons and all. Other ships come to honor it, and I can't really put it to words, but it is an incredibly moving sight. To see it still  out in the same waters it protected over 200 years ago, is very moving. I'm not even that patriotic and last year when I went with my ex it actually made me tear up a bit.
I want Pops and the other guys to experience this event this year, along with some good food, music, and conversation!

I had a very generous offer to host a reg BBQ for the entire shelter, but after speaking to the staff, there is too much to factor in for that to be realistic, essentially I would be responsible for making sure everyone is sober, and frankly I know many of the guys there, and no way I'm taking on that responsibility, not a chance in hell! LOL

But for a select few, who are clean, sober, and working hard towards a better life, I want to create a tryly memorable day.
So I'm starting collection early, because this is going to be a costly one, but if you want to help touch actual lives and make a difference, then anything you can give is greatly appreciated.
Even the last BBQ at the local park.. I can't tell you what it did for moral for these guys, and the sense of "normalcy" it gave them, has effected their everyday actions on many levels. I know it's a BBQ, but trust me, I'm here on the inside, this IS important, and it has amazing healing and helping qualities!!!.

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