Saturday, June 11, 2011

This time I need something for myself

Ok so usually when I'm on here asking for donations there is a greater purpose than myself. Usually I'm putting something together to help someone else, or to help motivate others in this situation, and I appreciate the help. I often wind up using some of my own money as well for these causes, and trust me I don't have much, I get a whopping $96 a month while I'm waiting for my SSI/SSDI to be approved.
However this time I'm asking for something for myself. Nothing crazy or over the top, but I need a good pair of shorts and a bathing suit.
Being outside all day everyday in the sun, these are not items to be taken lightly! LOL
We get donated clothes all the time, but I'm a big guy and rarely do we get anything that fits. Mitzvah Circle did send clothes for us big guys, and I had a great pair of shorts, but they now are torn, and damnit I need good shorts with side pockets to carry extra crap!!
So this time I'm asking for myself. No greater cause, not to help others, just lil' ol' me in need of some summer gear.

Any help would be appreciated. You can use the donate link on the top right, or on the "How you can help page"


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