Friday, June 17, 2011

Manifesto Time!

So I met today with my psychiatrist/case manager/life coach. It's always an interesting hour spent with him, seeing as he has seriously high expectations of me.
I was telling him about my frustration with lack of info getting to the right hands, and told him of my plan to make a news packet that I'll be distributing to homeless people on the streets, shelters, soup kitchens, and so on.
He loves my concepts of seeing the bigger picture and going for simplified imediate results, so at the end of the session he threw a serious curve ball at me. He gave me a homework assignment, due next Friday when we meet.
My assignment.......... Simplify the Housing Process!
What the F#&%????? LOL

What's next week? Cure for cancer maybe?
I think he has a sadistic side that really enjoys our time together a little too much! LOL

So anyway, this week will be A TON of research & getting in people's faces as I build a Housing Manifesto! ;)

On unrelated note, following my recent rant about the editorial meeting the other day, I was very surprised to hear from the new editor of Spare Change News today asking me to use my "Boston on $3 a Day" article, and to come up with other ideas.
either he skimmed right over the post slamming them, or he is pretty grounded. I like to think it's the latter.
I'll stick to primarily fluff pieces for them till I find the real answer to that.

Oh yeah, and by the way.... My name's not really John Doe. It's Gary, so nice to "meet" you all ;) Thanks for reading and supporting my adventures

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  1. I think that's a great assignment and would love to read it when it's available. Check out @100khomes for ideas as they are into year one of a plan to house 100,000 chronically homeless people within three years. Also visit Common Ground website ( as that is the "mother" organization for 100k homes and the one that housed most of the homeless people in and around Times Square in NYC.