Monday, June 20, 2011

Smelling the flowers

Ok so I'm trying to relax today and get my head clear.
Days off to a nice start, seen my ex briefly. She always has good words of encouragement. Sadly I used to knock her for it when I was a depressed asshole, but thats another story. Now I listen and appreciate them. And you absolutely lovely this morning if I may say :)

From there it's been just trying to relax and focus.
Got a call from editor of Spare Change News, and we cleared the air. As for title it was a mix up, and it's all good. As for other stuff, it's a work in progress.
I'm emotional and I write what I feel when I feel it, and thats why you asked me to write for you. So expect me to explode from time to time, it's what I do, and sometimes I just need to get it off my chest, and most times dont feel that way the next day. However that being said, I will never hold back, apologize, edit or remove what I wrote in the moment :)

Waiting on a nice free lunch today, and not getting involved in anyones stuff.
All about me right now ;)


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