You can help

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As of today, thanks to your help I have taken 8 people for Food stamps, Mass Health, Welfare, and or SSI.
I have assisted one person in a temp place to live while their 30 days out of shelter policy is in effect.
I've thrown a Memorial Day BBQ for homeless men.
I've assisted in getting others housing.
Through help of Mitzvah Circle I have distibuted a variety of needed items to the homeless here and elsewhere, ranging from toiletries, socks, shoes, bags, all the way to writing materials, clothes, & medical supplies.

I am currently collecting for a 4th of July Boston Harbor Islands Homeless BBQ. Please help me raise enough to take as many people as I can to the islands for the day, so they can enjoy a sense of normalcy for the day. Till you're in this position you can never understand just how important that is for mental stability, and for self empowerment!

I don't ask for much for myself, and frankly I don't need much, but I can't continue to help others from within the system without your help, so please give generously. I help people who are ready to help themselves, and who are genuinely trying to better their lives, so your donation is NEVER wasted on a dead end, or spent for someone who will drink it away.