Tuesday, June 28, 2011

THANK YOU to the Harbor Island Alliance!!

I have been going crazy these past couple of weeks trying to pull this 4th of July BBQ together at the Boston Harbor Islands for some of the homeless at my shelter and the womens shelter.
It was really starting to look hopeless and only had enough to get a few people there, and didnt even know how I was going to get food on the table yet. However thanks to the Boston Harbor Alliance I have the ferry covered for 10 of us, thanks to them donating the Ferry vouchers!!
I can't thank you enough! Now I'm able to cover the train and bus fare for 10 people and get some food to get us started!!
Many take something like this for granted, but a day out to get away from the hardships of our day to day routine is so incredibly important for moral, self esteem, and just to remind you what it is you're working towards regaining in your life!
Thank you so much, I am now able to bring all the right people who deserve this day because they work so hard at repairing their lives!

I am still collecting donations for additional food, since I now have the WONDERFUL problem of having more mouths to feed!! :) These are the kind of problems I like!

For great updates on activities at the islands, please follow them on Twitter at @34islandsboston

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