Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finding my way

It’s just about a month now since I’ve officially become homeless, and the events that have taken place, along with the changes within myself, are nothing short of remarkable.
I’ve been blessed with many new friendships, as well as professional contacts, but in the last couple of days I’ve been lucky enough to have someone enter my life that has already changed everything!

It began a few days back when I was told to meet someone in a very “cloak and dagger” fashion. It was to be kept to myself, and location was secretive, but I happily played along because; I had nothing to do anyway, and because I simply can’t turn my back on a good mystery.
Well what happened after was life changing.
I met with a very brilliant man, who asked me to briefly tell him my story. So I proceeded to do just that, seeing as at this point I’m an open book anyway, so why not share with this guy. As I was doing so, he stopped me and said “I’m going to take you on as my client”. Now I remember thinking to myself, this sounds good, if only I knew what that meant.
So he proceeded to explain to me that before my time is up at the Shelter I’m currently at, he will have a place ready for me at his shelter, which is very small and exclusive, and he explained to me, the crème de la crème’ of shelters. Not only was he taking me in there, but told me that I will remain there until he gets me housed!! Also stating that he is very good at doing that sooner than later.
I remember trying to contain myself, but still slightly trembling, seeing as regardless of how positive I’ve been throughout all this, there was always the cloud hanging over my head that when my time was done here, I didn’t have a clue what I would do next.

After this point he explained to me that we would do a brief 10 minute “intake” and then he’d be in touch over the next few weeks. So we begin the intake, and he asked me a few very odd questions, and little tests, and asks me to just play along, so I did.
As we continue I’m noticing the 10 minutes was past and we going deeper and deeper into my story, and in-between he’s still throwing odd little tests at me. This goes on for at least 45 minutes, when he finally says he needs about another hour of my time and suggests that we meet for coffee in the morning, so I happily agree and go on my way with a sense of security that I haven’t felt in a while!
So the next morning I meet him, and he starts diving right into my childhood, and going over every detail of my life.
Now when I spoke to the psychiatrists at BMC they listened, diagnosed, and medicated, and I felt good about it, it was progress. However when I was done, at least for that day, telling him my story, he then began to tell me things about myself that blew my mind, and opened my eyes to patterns of behavior, as well as explain to me WHY I did things in my life, but not just little things, he told me WHY I became a chef, and most importantly he explained to me WHY I never bounced back from 9-11. He made me realize exactly what it was that I had lost from it.
He also told me some other things about myself, that threw me a bit, and I won’t share here because it’s kind of weird, and would almost make me seem like I’m bragging, but he really turned my world upside down! LOL
However when all is said and done, this man, a brilliant psychologist with a PHD from Harvard is taking me on as my case worker, my psychiatrist, and basically life coach! I can truly say that right now I know beyond a doubt that this man is going to help me find my way again, and it will lead to great things for me, and hopefully for others.
I never imagined I’d have such opportunities, in less than a months time.

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