Monday, June 27, 2011

Not homeless enough, Part 2

This is a responce to my friend @Joseph2Dogs on Twitter. He wrote an article on his blog, called "To All you homeless Traitors There I said It!!!"

First let me respond to where he says he won't be popular for this. Joseph I am probably your main demographic here, and I have nothing but respect for you, and nothing pleases more than unpolished, even brutal honest emotion. So we're good, and I'm going to return just as straight and unpolished ;)

First in regards to different levels of homelessness, or what some might not consider "homeless" enough.
I have said from day one, that in regards to my bout with homelessness, I've had it pretty damn good, and frankly it's going to get even smoother for me. Do I feel guilt about that? Absolutely not. I came into a situation, did some homework, got into a clean safe environment, and then from there started making opportunities for myself.
Do I ever claim to speak as the voice of homelessness? Absolutely not. I speak as what I am, one guy, with some personal shit that got me here, and trying to make some good out of my time here.

Yes, I go to a bed at night. Actually before night, I haven't walked freely in the night air in 2 months.
Do I get a meal at night? Some nights yes, some nights no. I have food stamps, so I'm covered on off nights. Do I feel guilt about that? Not a fucking chance buddy. I was a workaholic for DECADES, till some bad shit happened, then I basically unraveled, and could never really catch up or get a solid handle on my life. So I've paid a lot of money to Uncle Sam, so I feel no guilt in taking a little back.
Will I take more? Well frankly I qualify for SSI or SSDI, but at this point working with my doctors to see if I can just get back to work and tell Social Security "Thanks but no thanks".
That being said, I will be getting disabled housing because of my PTSD. Do I feel guilt about that? Not a fucking chance. That is what it's there for. I haven't operated properly in years, through no fault of my own.

I'll also be utilizing the system to fund a college degree. While doctors were poking around in my head, they found something, a 147 IQ, that I never did much with due to ADHD. Thats not bragging, I'm ashamed I was smart as my parents always told me and did nothing solid with it! LOL.
They want to help me get an advanced degree and help me find a career path in human services where hopefully I can make an actual difference one day.
So should I take all of this, and throw it away, and go grab a sleeping bag and sleep under the stars in solidarity? Once again.... not a fucking chance buddy! ;)
So once again I don't claim to speak for the homeless. I don't claim to have it as bad as others, and I certainly don't claim to be trying to save the world.
However I am here in this situation, I am trying to help people where and when I can as I see fit and able, and I will use, or even abuse, any resource given to me to make the best of this situation. The difference is most like myself, get in and out, and never speak of it again. I'm at least here telling my story, and will continue to work towards something positive when this is done.
This has changed my life in every single way, but if it hasn't made the changes that you would like it to, then my only response can be... "Oh well"

Without a home,


  1. As you spoke straight to the point I was trying to make I think as human beings we have a duty and a responsibility to others.And To take advantage is not the inherent right of people because opportunity presents itself. That in itself is what feeds the abuse of the system we have. People are brainwashed to the point of It's there why not. and never really reason with themselves as to the why not.
    This Is just me though I just for myself Prefer not to make the climb back to a so called productive member of society if it means I must climb over the backs of others to do it.
    And no one has successfully explained why there was over 29 billion dollars allocated to eradicate homelessness in this country last year and most of it went to a shelter system which Helps Very few People obtain housing By it's own admission. But I should Probably Just stop talking about it and say "OH well!"
    I just always hope if I say it enough Someone Might Not Just hear it but listen.

  2. This is so interesting - two very different points of view coming from two very smart people. I am so glad that you and Joseph have connected.