Sunday, June 19, 2011

The last god damn time

I am about at the point of complete internal combustion. I promise you right here and now, NEVER AGAIN will anyone have control over my words.
Spare Change News has crossed the final line with me. The biggest problem however is they don't even see it, and why should they, they are not, nor have ever been homeless, why would they know anything about the topic other than what they read or hear from others. Same goes for most reading this, you think you're progressively beyond this mindset, but you still can't see the big picture, and I'll explain how

My newest article came out in the latest issue, and I had titled it "My Rise to the Bottom", however they changed the title to "Gaining Perspective: Experience from rock Bottom"
Ok, let me try to somehow make this clear to you guys. I know you're the "professionals", and I'm just a poor homeless blogger, but… hmm…. How can I phrase this? YOU MISSED THE ENTIRE FUCKING POINT!!!!!!
Your title was the complete god damn opposite of my title! Do you not see that?? Holy shit, how fucking unprofessional and clueless can you be?

Once again you can't see past the stereotype. It is not a sad story of rising up from the bottom, I rose TO the bottom. Meaning the "bottom" , at least for myself, is a complete state of enlightenment.

Anyway, no more articles to be written for the paper, I will not leave that controll in anyone's hands again. If you want to use articles from my blog that remain unchanged, that is fine, but I write exclusively for nobody other than my own publications from this point on.
Keep you're eyes on me, I have something coming out in a couple of weeks that will show what real "homeless empowerment" is all about. In the meantime you just keep patting yourselves on the back for making paperboys, and having staff that remains uninformed of their rights.

Your Truly,
Gary aka John Doe

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  1. Yep, they don't really get it at all. I however do. Keep typing my friend, love the blog.