Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've been sitting at this computer for quite some time now thinking about what I want to write today, yet I find myself completely uninspired.
Contemplated writing about various learning experiences I've had during the week ranging from trying to help people and learning the hard way that some just aren't ready to be helped. I've considered writing about the fantastic sense of freedom that comes with being homeless. Perfect example being I just came from about 2 hours of traveling to get a cold energy drink from a particular CVS because their refrigerator is just a touch colder than most.
Then I thought maybe I'd write about a conversation I had with a friend yesterday regarding the crippling effects of a negative mindset, using examples from within my own shelter where I am very much disliked by some there simply because it seems I've started a "movement" of possitivity and self reliance among some of the guys, and those who've lost hope feel misdirected anger towards me.
Yet, none of these topics really appeal to me today, and still I remain uninspired.
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, the perfect topic is in itself the absolute lack of inspiration!

You see, living in the shelter system, regardless how positive you remain, some days are.. well... just downright boring! All of the positive thinking in the world could not change the fact that we have to clear out of the shelter by 7:45am, and can't return untill 4pm, and on a cold rainy day like today, armed with nothing but food stamps and an unlimited transit pass, there is just really NOTHING to do to make the day go by.
I did some website work earlier this morning, which already seems like a lifetime ago, and now I've absolutely nothing to do to make this last 2 hours go by, other than sit and write about how uninspired I am to write anything. Which in itself, in my opinion, is freaking brilliant, yet even I won't fully appreciate until I'm reading it from under a shady tree on some moderately eventful day in the hopefully near future.

Now I bet you think I'm going to continue and go deeper into this topic, but then it's obvious you're not paying attention, I'm bored and uninspired!!!!

The End


PS: I did add a sneak peak at my latest article for Spare Change News, so at least you can read that
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