Friday, June 10, 2011

It's certainly no day at the beach.. oh wait..

Yep, so another tough day of being homeless! Started my morning doing some shopping and coffee with my ex. Always a lovely start to the day.
Then it was off to the beach, for a little mid day nap in the sun, and now I'm at Starbucks enjoying a wonderful cup of bold courtesy of the lovely Fran from Mitzvah circle! 
Doing a BBQ tomorrow with some of the guys from the shelter..... once again I find myself in this tough position. I feel I have almost a civic duty to find the negative in my situation so I can deliver more hard hitting commentary, but seriously, it's summer, the sense of freedom is nothing short of fantastic, I feel better than ever, and my future is looking better than ever.
Sorry to disapoint again, but homeless or not, life is just pretty damn good! :)

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