Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little help please, to help others

So as you know already I've been able to speed myself through some of the red tape and now I'm in a bit of a waiting process.
As you also know I've been able to pass some of this knowledge on for someone else to help themselves faster, and quite frankly it felt really good.
However yesterday something happened that was just fantastic.
If you read my article "The untold stories", I spoke of a man who has a bad heart, who has been on the street for about 20 years, and in some rough shelters for the last 10.
Well when I last seen him and told him about the place I was heading to, he asked me how to get into it.
I gave him the number and made him promise that he would call every morning at exactly 8:59. Not 9:01, but 8:59, every day.
Well yesterday I came "home" to the shelter, and there he is! He yelled out to me, gave me a great big hug, and I gotta tell ya, this warmed my heart!
He it's now, at least got the next 90 days in the cleanest, quietest place he's been in 20 years! He had some pizza, a shower, and hit the bed and slept like a baby till this morning!

Now here's what I need. Since I have nothing but time during the day to wait on my stuff, I want to take him personally to apply for some stuff, so he can get some basic help right away, and hopefully get him on his way to long term better living.

I just need a few bucks to get him around town the next few days on the busses and subway.
I never thought I'd be a do-gooder, but frankly I can help, I have the time to help, and theres people right here that I can get immediate results for.

All I need is a train pass for him for the week. If I get a little extra, than I would like to grab a $4 pair of shoes from the thrift store for another ADORABLE old man--seriously this guy gotta be 130 lol--because he got a hole in his shoes on the metal steps leading to the shelter. Especially in this rain you need solid shoes.
If I get those, than frankly something with a hood for me would be nice in this rainy season, but that being said I got a baseball cap so it's not that bad.

Seriously though, I'm in a position to give real help, right now, from the inside. So I'm sking for your help. If 15ppl send ONE dollar each, I can get this guy around town for the week and get him food stamps, welfare, and apply for anything else we can.
Four more dollars and a delightful old man gets shoes. This ain't much, and at this point I've come to realise that i personally have everything I need. So if I can help others, my time here is not wasted.
So please click the donation link and give any little bit, and it will go where I know the results will most needed for those who need it most.

Thank you in advance.

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