Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So I've been quite busy lately, seems since I've been in a holding pattern waiting on my own stuff, I've become quite the busy case manager and advocate for other homeless guys!
With some help from donations, and someof my own money, of which I have virtually none, I've been getting these guys transit passes and getting them around town and taking them personally to apply for stuff, and proud to say that as of this morning there are now FOUR other guys, that had been stuck waiting on BS case management and clinics and whatnot, that now have $200 a month in Food Stamps, now have health insurance to go to hospitals instead of clinics, all have welfare pending, 2 have SSI pending, one has a social security card, and one now has state ID!! Hell I don't even have state ID yet because I can't afford the $25 dollars! LOL
Point is, shit is getting done and it feels good! There's also people at shelter with new shoes thanks to Fran from Mitzvah Circle, and more clothes coming in for the guys this week.

This is all great, but you know what.... I'm tired, and after just a little helping out at DTA this morning for a friend, I am now taking rest of the day to just... well... actually cant really afford to do much, but at least I can do nothing by myself, in quiet! :-)

On Brighter side of personal end, I've been published in Spare Change News!! This is kind of exciting seeing as I've never been formally published in anything, so I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun seeing my work in print! Issue will be available online later this week I believe so I will post a link, but if in the Boston area, please pick up a copy when you see someone selling them, these guys work hard to make some change for themselves, so every paper sold helps.
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Other than that, I really don't have too much else to say, just tired, but in a good way, and looking to relax, and hoping there's some descent food at the shelter tonight, because it's noon and I am starving already! LOL

Oh yeah, another gem I stumbled upon this weekend is a homeless artist named Ed Johnson, this guy does work with a ball point pen that will blow your mind!! I'm hoping to interview him more later this week, but here's a sample, and to see the real thing you can catch him, most days, on Boylston St across from the park.
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Guess that's it......... not my finiest writing, I know, but I'm a little burnt out. Anyway, have a great week folks, and remember any help you can give via donation is greatly apreciated. Kind of hard spending the little cash I have for myself on others, but the bigger picture is worth it.


  1. This guy seems to be quite talented.

    Is he successful at selling some of his work?