Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Help sponsor a homeless BBQ

Ok, so at the shelter right now moral is high! Alot of the less desirable guests are gone for failing urine tests, and now a bunch have brand new food stamps, so we're thinking it's time to celebrate!
A few of us are talking about having a BBQ for memorial day.
We've got all the food and drink covered with food stamps, and we can either go to s park here which we'd have to pay for a permit, or if we can raise enough for ferry rides I'm thinking the Boston harbor islands.
We would just need ferry rides and coal, or permits and coal.
So how about it. Want to help make a few guys feel normal for the holiday? Couple are even veterans!
Just use the donate link to give whatever you can spare.

Thank you



  1. What a great idea, especially since you are a chef and Memorial Day was started to honor veterans. I hope that donors will be generous.

  2. Wonderful idea! People may need a little more time to respond so maybe you can also have a special event for Labor Day! We would be happy to help!

  3. Couldn't give a lot right now but I hope it's enough for something. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. I like reading your blog. God bless.

  4. Lisa thank you so much! We're getting closer, but even if we don't make it, I assure you that will at least get a nice dinner that I can throw together for a few of the guys. And finally make sure Pops gets his Pork Chop! LOL

  5. We're getting there, slowly but surely. Have enough now for day permit, and coal.
    Now just need some bus fare & some real meat on that grill! :)