Monday, May 9, 2011

Homeless and never been busier

Oddly enough I'm finding that homelessness has me busier than ever.
I'm waiting to see my second psychiatrist of the day, still have to go after this and schedule a physical.
Tomorrow I have to go put my name on waiting list for housing, then head over to dept of transitional assistance to apply for welfare, as well as pick up medical forms to apply for SSI and bring those back here to hospital to get signed.
Then I have to take some forms someplace else to apply for discounted transportation.
And I have to stop at eye doctor to order glasses.
Also my psycho therapist is working on getting me into a shelter with a calm environment for long as I need it.

I do want to walk through the process in more detail for anyone finding themselves looking for a guide, but you have to give me some time. A lot happening very fast and right now I have my phone hidden in a book so i can post this, seeing as theres no cell phones allowed here.

Will post more tomorrow if I have time, but I gotta say, I'm stretched pretty thin right now.

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