Monday, May 16, 2011

Case management, from the inside out

So what does my future hold? Who knows, but maybe I have a future as a case worker, seeing as I started my first one today :)
A buddy of mine in the shelter has apparently been caught up in an endless waiting game just trying to get Mass Health because he's been going to a free clinic about his spine injuries.
So I got him started in direction to get his mass health & food stamps within the week, and to apply for SSI and deal with the hospital instead of clinic.
Again another case of someone in the system waiting months to do what I did in a week because they're just following the process that "they" tell you to. When the fact is all of these things are available NOW if you apply yourself instead of waiting on case management procedure.

When his food stamps kick in, I got a meal coming, on him :)


  1. right on . The only way to get anything done ,is to do yourself and don't take NO for an answer

  2. It feels and does good to help others on so many levels. Glad to hear you're able to use your voice and knowledge to help those in need.