Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kindness and strength from others

When you're in this type of situation in life, it humbles you. You don't "want" to rely on the help of others, but fact is you'll be lost without.
I haven't had to ask anyone on the street for anything, but I do still ask for donations on this site, and that is the reason that right now I can get to my appointments this coming week, and it's why theres a lock on my locker at the shelter keeping what little belongings I have safe.
It's thanks to this kindness that I have a pillow to rest my head on at night.

It's thanks to the wonderful Mitzvah Circle organization that I have glasses to see when my insurance would only cover exam!
This is hard enough, now imagine doing just about blind.

Point is I just want to make sure people realise that when you read about the progress I'm making, and the opportunities I'm utilizing, I'm truly making it through with the help of my readers, and for that I'm eternally grateful, and you can rest assured that this has changed my life, and when I'm back on my feet, I will do all I can to pay it forward, and help give others the same push and opportunities.

Thank you all, you not only help me make through day to day, but you've all given me a life changing perspective.

For now.... Still John Doe

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  1. I feel the same way exactly I couldn't have put it any better. Hang in there brother. by the way if you want to put my link up on your site I will do the same for you on my site talk to you later