Saturday, May 7, 2011

A load off my shoulders

This time the title is not one of my usual witty play on words, I mean this one quite literally.
Today was the first day in a few where I wasn't carrying everything I owned with me. Walking miles upon miles for the sake of killing time is bad enough, lugging all this shit around certainly don't help matters.

Today I could finally face the morning with a fresh nights sleep, a fresh outlook, and not carrying a damn thing! Never been so happy for a locker.

Spent first night in shelter last night. I won't say too much seeing as a local paper had asked me for an article on the experience.
However I have to say they may be disappointed, seeing as it will probably be a fluff piece. Frankly the experience was great considering I know whats out there lol
Now maybe I should be expected to suffer more for my art, but excuse me for getting a good one first shot out :)

Anyway I'm next door now having coffee, charging my phone, listening to Wu-Tang, and wishing you all a good day. I'll be checking in for dinner soon, last nights shepherds pie and mixed baby green salad was quite lovely lol

Peace out....

PS: Don't be afraid of that donate button. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes...... No really. Need some shower shoes and apparently PayLess is in the business of charging 30 freaking dollars for a pair of flip flops??
Seems they forgot their mission statement.
I'm telling you, when I'm back up and running, you better watch out Mr Man, I'm coming for you and the establishment with a fucking vengance!
In the words of the great Wu Tang Clan.... Ya'll Been Warned

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  1. Do they have Dollar stores in Boston? Their flip flops may not compare to Pay Less quality but you will pay a lot less. They also sell them at stores like Rite Aid and Walgreens, still under five bucks, but no more only a dollar ones.