Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frustration is setting in

Ok, so I'm spending the morning with Pops (elderly gentleman we got the shoes for) and I find out that he don't have food stamps either! When asked why, he simply didn't know anything about them. Now this is another god damn day tomorrow I have to take someone to the DTA.
Listen, I'm not trying to rewrite policies, but when a shelter hands you the papers with rules and everything, would it be so fucking hard to just add basic info, like "Hey, you're entitled to $200 a month worth of food!", and an address to go get it. Is this not something that might be just a little important? WHAT THE FUCK???

Look, if by the outside chance you are homeless in the Boston area and reading this, go to the Department of Transitional Assistance, at 1010 Mass Ave (4 blocks east of Boston Medical Center), and tell them you want food stamps!! They will print you a card right on the spot, and in 24 to 48hrs you will have money for food and Mass Health insurance!!!!

Holy shit, this is starting to wear me down. I'm going to print out sheets of info, and when new guys come into the shelter, after they are done with the intake with the staff, I'm going to do my own fucking intake with them, as well as leave info on table at the soup kitchens right next to the coffee.

I swear I'm ready to break something I'm so fucking frustrated!!
Pardon my language today, but c'mon, someone is homeless and hungry and entitled to this and not told immediately? Ridiculous

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