Monday, May 9, 2011

Illegal transmition from the compound

As I write this I have my back to the wall and pretending to read a book--Chuck Klosterman would be proud to see his work being used for a greater good--with the cell phone hidden in it.
Just had a mishap that mademy heart jump into my throat. I had changed beds, but was told to leave my numerically corresponding locker till they cleared the other one for me. Well needles to say the morning and evening staff had a communication breakdown, and as I'm reading(don't worry Chuck I do actually read it, I find the lack of point oddly soothing) they bolt cut my locker and removed my belongings!
While sympathetic to my situation, they offered no help on obtaining a new lock.
Fortunately as in any swept aside culture, cigarette tobacco is, and always will be, acceptable form of currency and I was able to "buy" a new lock from someone who wsd leaving tonight anyway, and needed the smoke more than the lock.

While I'm here sneaking the phone to write, I've also snagged a couple of pics.
One of the beds, and one of the smoking yard.

Ok gotta go, it's almost my turn to use the shower.

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