Monday, May 2, 2011

Some overdue positivity

If you've read my last 2 entries you know that even the whole homeless thing aside, this has been a very rough 48hrs for me. Part of my problems over the last decade have been denial of the extent of my problems, and the "If I ignore it, it will go away and things will be better" mindset. To anyone dealing with depression or any kind of trauma, this mindset is SO dangerous, and things only escalate, they do NOT get better on your own.
And now that I have no choice but to face it all head on, it is wildly overwhelming

Anyway my point here tonight that while I'm here coming unglued, I have been receiving help and support from people that have absolutely humbled me in a wide variety of ways.

So for lack of a better term, let's call this a "Shout out" and "Thank you" post :)
And trust me, this is bare bone short list, I've gotten support from SO MANY this past week as I prepare for this, but these people have made such a huge impact over the last 48hrs, that I just might not have gotten through, or might have no hope come Wed morning when I "hit the streets", or at least be well informed enough.

Names linked to their Twitter accts:

First and foremost, Dr Mary McLaughlin. This woman has spent so much time this last 48hrs helping me make sense of my life up to this point, and more importantly teaching me that I don't need to feel that I have to deny myself the reality of my problems based on the idea that others have it worse. It doesn't mean that I'm not still suffering, and I do in fact have the right to acknowledge it and seek help.
What a wonderful person to be so giving of her over extended time to help a stranger so far away.
You're as cool as the other side of the pillow, Doc ;) THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart

Next Up, Mark Horvath. This guy is the equivalent of Superman to the homeless! LOL
I've "known" him through Twitter for a little over a week now, and in that time I swear every time I look he is someplace else doing something great for someone. One minute he's in some city treating one of his homeless friends to pizza and hanging out. Next minute he's in another city for a housewarming at the apartment of someone he helped off the street in the past. Then in the blink of an eye he's somewhere else being honored by another organization..... a puff of smoke, and pow, he's somewhere else doing something else that matters so much more than most of ever do.
Not to mention, seems as I've been researching countless organizations in this time, if you go to just about any website doing anything for the homeless... check the picture galleries, and Oh Look, there's Mark! I swear the man is just everywhere at once LOL
You got a question, or need something, he's either got the answers, or he's got someone already on the case. Plus he's got a sense of humor through it all. The guy is great, plain and simple
Thanks for all your help, encouragement, guidance, and a few laughs
Could spend all night just listing the links he seems to be involved in so I'll send you right to his blog and you can go from there

Next is Fran from Mitzvah Circle. Anyone remember the old navy movie "Mr Roberts"? Tony Curtis' character in that was one of those guys who could just kind of get you what you need, regardless what it was. She is kind of like that. I read countless posts on Twitter where somebody needs something random, and there she is saying "Oh yeah, hold on I got a box of those somewhere" and she sends them off to you.
She's currently helping me obtain something that I absolutely can't do without, just because it's what they do.
Your kindness is amazing, and your organization is nothing short of fantastic. Visit her site and give anything you can.. money, clothing, toiletries, gift cards, anything. They will see that it goes to someone, somewhere, who is in need!
My hat's off to you

Shay and Shane. I already spoke of these two a few articles down, but you can't have a shout out post without including them! These two are on the front lines, helping the homeless by going across the country and living amongst them. Granted, they're a little crazy, but that type of crazy that moves mountains just because they believe they can.
You want to put your privileged life in perspective, go to their site and read their story's. If they don't move you, then you need to make change in your own life.
That's what they give me.... perspective, and I can't stress the importance of that right now

There's SO MANY more people to thank that have helped in one way or another this past week, I can't list them all right now, but trust me, look up any of these people mentioned, and you'll find the rest as well, it's a very large, but very tight knit family. Simply amazing people.

So that's it, I figured with all my angry rants the last 2 nights, felt spreading some love was due! Overdue actually ;)

I think George Carlin said it best....
Take care of yourself, and take care of someone else.

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