Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today I was homeless

More than usual it sank in today. Sundays are always the worst because the library doesn't open till 1pm, and none of the day/drop in shelters are open.
If you have a few bucks you can always make due, simply refer to my article "Boston on $3 a Day". However I didn't have the 3 dollars today.
So I started at the park. It started ok, was raining but it we started dry and a bunch of us just hung out discussing a wide variety of topics.
At one point I got very inspired to write, but I had to wait another 5 hours for the library to open to use a pc. So the morning just dragged and dragged, and the heat finally caught up to me. Before I knew I was lite headed and sick to my stomach, to where I had to lay down.
I laid out in a shaded spot and fell asleep. Soon I woke to find that it was raining again, but I was too weak to get up, so I laid in the rain, on the grass, and slept more.
Soon it was 3pm and I woke in a puddle of cold sweat, in the blaring sun, all shade was gone.
Any hope of writing was gone, and it was then late enough for me to get to a local soup kitchen to get some food in me and something to drink.

Rest of the day turned out ok, and i'm just resting at the shelter, and posting from my phone.
Not the positive tale I wanted to write today, but hey, that's just where today went.

Gary aka John Doe

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