Friday, July 8, 2011

Foot in the door

Today was a very interesting morning. I met with, as I like to refer to him, "My Guru" to do our weekly sit down and figure out just what I am doing with my life. However today he had a surprise for me! He had apparently had a long discussion with his supervisor regarding my case, and they came up with an opportunity for me!
Seeing as for the most part I can't do too much in human services right now due to the fact that I'm not trained, and I'm still active in the system, there hasn't been much I could do. However they offered me the "position"(unpaid) to be a "Peer Supervisor"! Still even a little unclear on just what the topics will be, but I'm going to basically be holding group meetings/workshops for fellow homeless, to inspire, motivate, talk, educate, whatever.
They will provide me a place to hold them, they will advertise it, and all that, and I'll do.... well.... whatever that is! LOL
For something I'm still unclear about, I'm very excited! :) It means I got a foot in the door for human services, it means I get to help people on a pseudo professional level, it means I get experience in human services, and it never hurts or looks bad to organizations that I'm looking for assistance from regarding housing and furthering my education!

I'm quite damn excited!!
Not bad for 2 months homeless ;)

Gary aka John Doe


  1. I am excited for you too!

    Plus it always helps during periods of unemployment to do volunteer work. A summary of your job skills is not dependent upon whether or not you were paid to do the work. This is an issue that often comes up within family owned companies and among mothers who have stayed at home with young children for a few years. Often they performed highly skilled tasks for organizations without compensation. This still counts as skills acquired and used.

  2. Wishing the best to you on this new journey.

  3. Hello I have a daughter and no place to go by the end of the month. So I'm going to be homeless since nobody in my family wants to help me. Nobody on her fathers side wants to help me. She's just a baby...I'm afraid I'll lose her. I'm afraid period. Could you give me some advice please? I don't know where to go or what to do at this point. I have no options but the streets.