Monday, July 25, 2011

Ode to Lil' Johnny Dough

When I first met Johnny he was the soup kitchen.
Down on his luck, and almost certain to be devoured by the circumstances, I tried to reach out to help Johnny

At first Johnny was hesitant, feeling that it was too late for him, but after a bit of convincing I got him to come with me.
He met some of the guys, and we got to know each other a bit hanging out at the park.

Finally it was time for Johnny to come back to the shelter, where he could have a safe bed at night, clean shower, laundry, and all the bologna sandwiches he could eat (providing they're not molded).
Johnny had to do his intake, and had just taken a urine test. They ask him to wait and watch a little TV

Fortunately Johnny passes his urine test, and he is allowed into the shelter!! You see, Johnny didn't have a drinking problem, or a drug problem. Johnny was a clean, friendly, artistic type, who unfortunately experienced things that make his life difficult to manage.
So Johnny is shown his bed, and allowed to finally rest his weary body. It's the first time Johnny's slept indoors in 10 days. He relects on life as he quietly looks at the street below him

Johnny seemed comfortable enough. He was showered, had a load of laundry in the dryer almost ready to go. He made small talk with people around him, who seemed like descent enough people just going through a bad time in their lives.
He stepped outside with everyone else for the official hourly smoke break, and attempted to find it within himself to adapt to the new environment.

Everything seemed great as I checked on Johnny throughout the night. He seemed relaxed and grateful for helping him get into the shelter and settled in.

.......... But something happened.
I don't know why, but it was all too much for Johnny. Despite seemingly happy and comfortable, the shelter environment proved too much. Apparently Johnny was broken beyond repair that he could receive here.
Johnny didn't make it back again, Johnny was last seen living on the streets, wherever he could be far away from people as possible.
It's been some time now since anyone's seen Johnny

****** This story is nonfictional Any resemblance to actual people is fully intended ********

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  1. I was fully expecting Johnny to get eaten alive, as happened w/ the Gingerbread Man, & knowing as we do that this is exactly what happens to many of his kind. If he doesn't resurface @ the shelter, I hope that we'll see further evidence of him in upcoming reports!

    In the meantime, perhaps you could start posting the "10 Week Countdown to World Homeless Action Day" in a seperate tab on this blog. The first one should go out on August 8th. Here's a link: Just copy/paste/& be sure to include the credit @ the bottom of the post.

    Would also love to see a story on Rosie's Place!

    Blessings along the journey, Dough Boy!
    Rev. Cynthia