Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Supporting the arts

Ok here's the thing. My writing is my best therapeutic outlet right now. Things are changing daily regarding plans, and I need to tell it.
The editor of Spare Change News is asking me for new articles. I'm trying to put together a book, of which is 25 essay topics scratched out in pen, recorded interviews, and so on.
I seriously cannot rely on hour long stretches of computer use at whatever library i'm closest to when I have a free hour between appointments, or when the library is even open for that matter.
I desperately need to get myself a netbook. Something that is small and light because it's one more thing into my backpack that is carried all day, everyday.
I can't keep writing on my outdated droid.
I can only tell so much of the story, and can't write when the inspiration hits me.
Surely you artistic types understand what i'm saying.

Plus at this point my transit pass is only good for a few more days then i'm stranded from making appointments. That don't help me, and that don't help any of the people i'm trying to help.
I need to be mobile and writing.
So what I really need is some financial assistance. I'm not able/allowed to work yet, disability hasn't paid yet, and i'm about to start college and various volunteer programs.
Can you help a starving artist? LoL

Can paypal direct to or use the donate link on this site.

Thank you for all your past and future help in all my projects.

Paying forward for life,

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