Sunday, July 31, 2011

Humble Pie

Just want to first of thank everyone for their support on everything. Thanks to a couple of very kind people I have a used laptop coming so I can when I need to, as well as someone sending me a Flip HD cam, so I can take my blogging, helping, and reporting, to a new media ;)

Now what I truly need your help with still is a few bucks to get my transit disability pass refilled for the month, and keep my phone turned on.
There are also 2 other people at the shelter that need some transit passes even if just for the day, to get to appointments. And Brotha BlueStocking himself just got a disability pass approval, but can't get to Back Bay station to get the photo taken and card issued, let alone money to put on the card.
We're in need of some assistance :)
I never ask big things for myself, and most of what I get is used on helping others as well, right now we are bone dry, and there's not even food donations to shelter coming in.

Thank you in advance,
Gary aka John Doe, Brotha BlueStockings, Columbia, The RedbNeck Twins, and others :)

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