Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just when you loose faith

Well if you've read my last post, you know I've been having a rough time recently.
As you've probably learned by now as well, is that I can have some serious mood swings. Never when I start building up the tension, something wil trigger and i'll just come unglued.
Well last night my trigger was the issue of being able to stay out late on my birthday tomorrow.
The thing I asked one of the guys on staff last night, and he said him and this woman were working tomorrow night, and it wouldn't be a problem. However when she heard she shut the idea down.
Having been told no right away it probably wouldn't have stung so much, but with one saying lets let him go relax, the other shutting it down just triggered a meltdown.

However something happened today.
I left the shelter around 6:30 this morning because I just had to get out of there and sit quietly, and alone, in the park. Seeing as I was very angry and hostile last night.
So about 8am I see someone from the house and they tell me the director of the shelter is looking for me.
Now he's only there in the day when we're out, and we've never said more than good morning to each other.
So now I'm thinking on top of everything else, now I got some other bullshit about to jump off, so I call the shelter.
It turns out when he came in this morning he had a bunch of guys waiting for him.
They proceeded to tell him that for everything I do for them and the shelter, that I need a break, and that he needs to let me stay out tomorrow evening!

You have to understand, these are not the kind of guys who this kind of thing, and would much rather not speak to the director at all.
These idiots almost had me in tears when the director told me this.

Just when you least expect it, you get a lesson in humanity.
What a great bunch of guys, and a great gesture from the big boss!
Thank you!



  1. It's wonderful when caring people get together on something - even if they're not usually the caring sorts.

  2. yay!! thats awesome!! I hope your birthday turns out to be a great day for you xxx

  3. That's what God does when we trust Him and stay out His way. I'm the last one to say I do that as much as I should, however, I do know it's real. Glad to hear something good happened to and for you.

  4. I know it doesn't mean much but your blog is really making a difference in my life I am at a rather low point in my life. You are so strong and courageous and providing me with hope.