Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wrench in the system

Once again I find myself at wits end. My day was supposed to be a productive one, starting with new psychiatrist, and ending with housing advocate.
Arrived at my new clinic only to find out we're only doing intake today. Plus i'll only see therapist first couple of weeks before seeing actuall psychiatrist. Well and good, but I need paperwork from Dr, and I only got one pill (prozac) left.

Then it's off to the Dept of Transitional Assistance, to get a letter for my housing advocate verifying that I receive $92 a month in cash assistance.
However I find out that because I have chosen to not apeal my SSI claim, because I would rather try working (finding work), they have discontinued my welfare.
So the $92 a month that I live on, and counting on for Wed(10th), is not coming.
I'm being punished for wanting to look for work rather than try and collect a $700 monthly check.

The saving grace today is that my housing advocate said it don't affect my housing status, although he too would rather see me apeal the SSI.

NOTE: It's now the following morning. It's official, my welfare balance is at zero :(
I'm on my way to meet my case manager, and i'm going to tell him to re-open the case and apeal the SSI. By doing this i'll have an open claim and they will give me back the $92 a month. I'll look for work, and when I start they will simply cancel the claim.

I hate that I have to manipulate the system like this, but I need that tiny but of cash while I find work and shouldn't be punished for wanting to move forward in a healthy fashion.

Fuck em'

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  1. you're not playing the system they're playing you!!! We have the same problem in the UK. People are simply better off financially and given more support when they claim benefits than when they're working!
    Hope everything works out for you!! xxx