Friday, August 5, 2011

A HardlyNormal Homeless BBQ

Well as you all know, besides being homeless, I also advocate for other fellow homeless, write here and for the paper, do alot of community outreach type work, do counceling, volunteer work, starting school....
But all that aside, I'm known for throwing a damn good homeless BBQ!
I'm honored to announce that next month Mark Horav (@hardlynormal on twitter), of will be visiting bean town, and has requested a proper homeless BBQ!
So i'm starting fund raising now, because memorial day in the park was great. July 4th at the Boston Harbor Islands was a huge success! However now it's time to take it to the next level folks.
It's time to put together a real event here, with as many hungry people as we can feed, in as big a place as we can get!

Mark works hard speaking for homeless empowerment! Help me roll out the red carpet for him, and lets give lots of people a belly full of good food, and a fun civilized day out from the daily grind!

Please use the donate button on this site, or paypal direct to

Thank you for all your support,
Gary aka John Doe


  1. Hey John! I think we should have coffee soon (on me ;-) and chat about sponsoring this thing. I'm thinking Redbones or Blue Ribbon, and then other sponsors to support Mark (need his input on this. A good friend of mine, Joe Waters (@joewaters) know how to conduct cause marketing campaigns.

  2. I sent you my contact info via Twitter. I'm excited to meet you and see about doing this thing properly. However there can't be any beer/alchohol sponsors. I need this to be a dry event. Addiction is what put many people in this situation. Soda and water for the day is just fine ;)

  3. i am so happy that you and Mark Horvath will meet in person!!

    Wishing you another GREAT event!!!!

  4. Still waiting on that call. Right now theres a whopping $10 budget!
    Hit that donate button folks, help me do this right