Wednesday, August 31, 2011

About this BBQ thing

Ok, I'm really stuck into a position where I simply have to beg!! I need help here, we need cash, sponsorship, venue, or even just a few more bucks to at least be able to say I can start with X amount of people.
Maybe I haven't made it exactly clear what this BBQ is about.
When I did the first one, it was simple, I was determined to get Pop's a damn pork chop. The second became about getting people to someplace that is generally not accessible to them, and enjoy the day out on the Harbor Islands. It showed that we were able to be heard and help was extended by the Harbor Island Alliance, with a very generous donation of Ferry Rides to the island for everyone I was bringing.

What you need to understand about this next BBQ is that I'm really trying to go way above and beyond here. I want to put together an event that makes the city of Boston stand up and take notice. I want to show that we deserve a fun day out eating and laughing, sharing stories, effectively networking, and generally coming together.
This BBQ is being based and timed around a social networking conference, from which some heavy hitters in the social media game will be attending.
There are A LOT of eyes on this thing already, and I am absolutely NOWHERE with this.
I'm being aproached by people from organizations and people on the street, that they hearing I'm doing this. Word is getting out, and I really need people to come together now and help.
People who contacted me and said that we should discuss sponsorship, but never called....... Time to call me!
If you run an organization, or outreach program, in Boston: Hit me up and let's talk about how we can come together. Shelters, food banks, anyone!!

It's good karma, it's good exposure, and it IS important!! People on the other side of homelessness forget just how lacking our lives are in the "normalcy" department. These events, in my experience, bring people together for a great day that is almost empowering.

Those reading at home... A dollar..... Man if everyone gave one dollar this would not be an issue. Anything you can spare, and contacts you have, any interest in getting involved, THIS IS THE TIME.
It's close enough where something major has to give, and I'm just one homeless guy with good management skills. I can only do so much, I need your help.
Please, in the next couple of days I need to see donations coming in, phones ringing from people and organizations that want to get involved, and people who want to help find sponsors and promoters!
But seriously, if I'm sitting here looking at a $30 budget and zero help organizing, it's simply not going to happen. In that event the homeless of Boston who will attend loose out. The people from various groups and companies loose out. And I look bad in front of half of Boston and all of my social workers, advocates, and therapists that are all watching, and reading now.
Frankly I'm not about to let myself go down like that, just for wanting to help people have a good healthy, therapeutic, day in the sun.

Please, donate, spread the word via internet, word of mouth, hold signs in front of cameras.... help me get the word out to the right people, because something has to give RIGHT NOW!

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  1. Sorry JD there is literally no way I can help you this time! Hope it works out for you though. xxx