Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ok folks, together we pulled off a great memorial day BBQ. We went above and beyond for 4th of July over at Georges Island, thanks to your help along with the Harbor Island Alliance.
Now this end of summer BBQ that I'm looking to put together is something even bigger and greater. Not only am I trying to open this up to many more homeless people of Boston, but there will be some heavy hitters in the social media industry payiong attention and showing up. This is a big event for me personally, and this is something that can really make a difference in the public treatment and perspective of Bostons homeless, but also give these people that much needed sense of normalcy and camaraderie.

I want this to be good for everyone and really make a difference.
Problem being however... so far we are on a $10 budget! LOL
I've had brief talks with people about sponsorship, but never had calls returned. I'm sure even people coming will kick in something, but things need to start getting moving NOW. It is 4 weeks away, and I need your help to make this the best one yet!

Please, anything that you can give is a huge help. These events are fun and valuable in healing ones sense of humanity. It's not just a BBQ, believe me, it's bigger than that. So please help in any way you can!

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  1. Hi John, Your pics of your July 4th BBQ were awesome, George's Island is terrific isn't it? It looks like a good time was had by all in attendance!

    Btw, I donated a few bucks simply because you run this blog in part on your phone, lol, I blog too and the thought of doing it via phone makes my hair curl :)