Monday, April 25, 2011

The well prepared mind

First off I'll start with some good news. I've been summoned to dog sit for the next week, so I have a roof over my head, and internet access for another week!
That being said I used this opportunity to actually schedule an appointment with a PROPER case worker so when next Wed comes and I'm once again ready to begin the process, I'll already be pre screened and they'll have a good sense of what to do with me. This also means I'll be able to be refereed to a better shelter, with better case workers rather than just take my chances with shelters that allow self referral.
And because of this pre screening that will be done throughout this week over the phone, they may send me right for medical treatment FIRST, which is obviously a good thing!

This is MUCH better than the info I was given through my case worker via Dept of Transitional Assistance (food stamps). No disrespect for the work being done there, but when you have real situations, you're always best suited with a specialist!

Obviously time plays to ones advantage, and most don't have this luxury that I've just been given. So rest assured I WILL break the process down next week, for those wondering where to start, but for right now, if you have even a day to organize yourself, start with a caseworker from Dept of Human Services, and let them place you rather than just going to a shelter and starting with the caseworker there.
Let someone guide you EVERY step if possible!

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Thanks for all your well wishes, and to anyone out there using this page for help... GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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