Monday, April 25, 2011

My thoughts before we begin

So as I sit here knowing full well I wont sleep tonight, all my effort is in trying to focus on the endless information that I need to take in before I leave this computer behind.
Without going into long draining figures, I get the sense that as far as the end game (housing, medical treatment, and work) is concerned, I'm in the right place.
Our mayor has been a strong advocate of Housing First from the start, and the rate of individual homelessness has dropped significantly, but the rub there is that it's been so effective that many shelters have decreased their number of beds, and many have been been shut down completely.
So by theory this could potentially be a good ending in a timely fashion, but the beginning will most likely be rougher than it normally would have and last a little longer.
That's completely non pro opinion based on lack of sleep, and an impressive stress level!! lol

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