Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Help seems further away

So upon further contact it appears my original conversation with the multi service center was a bit misguided. It would seem that the person I spoke to was being a bit idealistic. The rep I spoke to today however did not share this sentiment, and assured me that I'm pretty much on my own.
There's lots of programs available to me, but I'll have to do all the leg work myself, and while the state is one of the leaders in getting individuals back into housing, little things like subway passes are no longer supplied to allow me to get to these places.
I was told the Cambridge Shelter (Salvation Army) was one of the better places, and when I spoke to them on the phone this morning, the man I spoke to was incredibly rude, and assured me that they offer NO assistance as far as counseling, case management, or anything outside of a bed for a max of 6 days. And assured me that the odds of me getting one of these beds was slim at best.

One of the other shelters that was said to be one of the better ones is in Waltham, but without any assistance with traveling to programs I need to visit to get help I need, Waltham takes me a little too far to get to these places.

So as of right now it seems I'm left to fend for myself. This is not helping my anxiety at all.
Seems best way for me to start is to spend a couple of days on the street while I visit a few state offices and apply for health care (AGAIN), some type of financial assistance, and then check myself into a hospital.

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